Ready To Adopt Your Angel?

We’re excited to hear you are ready to open your home and heart to your very own angel! The first step in the process (after selecting your baby) is to fill out an application which you can find below.

Once you’ve submitted your application a Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue adoption coordinator will be in touch with you shortly.

Please note: Our adoption fee breakdown is as follows (unless otherwise noted on the Angel’s page):

Puppies under 4 months of age $300
Puppies & dogs over 4 months of age $159
Kittens under 6 months $159
Kittens & Cats over 6 months $59-$99
Service fees apply for all debit/credit card transactions

All adoptions include all vaccines, spay or neuter, microchip, dogs are heartworm checked and are given monthly prevention for heartworms, cats are Felv/FIV tested, and all are on monthly flea control.

Adoption Application

  • **Please note there may be more than one application in on this animal. We typically observe a first-come-first-serve rule, always striving to place our rescues in the best home.**
  • Adopter Info

  • Housing Info

  • Thank you for considering adopting your family pet from Haile's Angles Pet Rescue. Because the average life of an animal is between 10 and 15 years, HAPR wants to ensure high compatibility between animal and adopter. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below
  • Employment Information

  • Pet Info

  • Current Animals In Your Household

  • Past Pets

  • Veterinary Care

  • Behavioral/Temperment

  • Cat Adoptions

  • Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue spends an average of $300 on each animal in our care before adoption. The adoption fee you are paying is kept low specifically to save the lives of more animals. Please consider making a donation to the Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue. Without your financial support we can not save abandoned and neglected animals in our community.
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