Please use the contact form below to send us a message. Please note that we are inundated daily with numerous varying requests. Read below to be sure you are sending us all the information that we need for your request.  If we can help you, we will be in touch with you. Thank you for your understanding!

Request to surrender your animal to HAPR:

We are a privately run, closed admission, non-profit rescue. We provide the animals in our program with ample enrichment, including mental stimulation, exercise, and play. We believe in staying within our capacity for care as a closed admission shelter to have the best possible welfare for our animals; therefore, we must manage our intakes accordingly. However, we do our best to maximize the number of owner surrenders we take locally in order to promote animal welfare and shelter diversion. County shelters are typically very full, so one of our goals as a rescue organization is to keep animals from entering the shelters as we are able and to mitigate overpopulation within Central Florida. If you have an animal in need or one you believe you need to surrender, please fill out our owner surrender form found below. Although we may not be able to reply right away, we put these in order by need and will contact you — situation depending — as space permits.

Our policy is “Once an Angel, Always an Angel” and accordingly, we conditionally accept animals back who have been previously been adopted from our program as we are able. If you are a previous adopter and are considering surrendering your Angel, please fill out the forms below and we will be in touch. If you are attempting to surrender an animal who has not been adopted from our facility, please use the below forms and be as detailed and honest as possible about their behavior and your timeline for needing to surrender. We welcome photos of the animal to our email at

Click here for the CAT surrender form

Click here for the DOG surrender form

Request to volunteer at HAPR:

We love volunteers! It’s a great way to get involved. If you would like to volunteer with us, please fill out an application at After submitting your application you will receive and email with information about when and where to attend your orientation. You will be able to come in and volunteer after you attend orientation. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times — including orientation.

Request for your group/fraternity/service group/club to volunteer at HAPR:

We welcome select volunteer groups at HAPR based on your availability and our current needs in the rescue. ALL volunteers (every single person in your group who wants to volunteer at any point at HAPR) must complete the volunteer application ( AND attend a volunteer orientation…no exceptions. If everyone of your members who want to volunteer are able and willing to attend orientation please send an email to in order to inquire about openings for your group to volunteer.

Fundraising opportunities: 

Thank you so much for thinking of us! As a non-profit animal rescue, fundraising is the lifeblood of our life saving efforts. Unfortunately, we are often stretched very thin and must be selective about the fundraisers in which we participate. Please use the form below to send us more info on your idea/opportunity and please include potential dates, how you will market the fundraiser, expectations for HAPR (what our responsibilities would be), and the estimated amount you expect to raise through the fundraiser. Thanks again for thinking of us!

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(352) 505-0302

Hours of operation

Daily office hours are from 9:30am—11:00am. If someone is not present in the office at this time, they may be out walking dogs—wait a few minutes and be sure to knock on the lobby door! During these hours every day, staff are returning calls, doing office work, and hanging out with the cats.

Please be aware that staff are available seven days a week for fosters and volunteers, but our adoption hours are limited so staff can continue to provide ample enrichment and care for the animals in-house. We always prefer adoption appointments to ensure the best adoption counseling we can provide. Send us an email or give us a call if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment — we are excited to meet you!

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