Fostering Saves Lives

One of the best ways to contribute to the life saving efforts of Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue is to temporarily open your home to our Angels. By welcoming an Angel into your home, you are not only opening a space at our rescue for another animal in need, but you are also providing a temporary, safe, and loving place for an animal to decompress and relax. It helps us to have notes on how the animal is in the home so we can continue to develop our behavior profiles of our animals. Our adoptions are full disclosure adoptions — this means that the notes we get from our fosters are included during our adoption sessions as we believe in promoting honest and safe adoptions. Your honest assessment of your foster animal helps us find safe, forever placement!

All food and supplies are supplied by the rescue. This includes medications and medical care by our dedicated medical staff. A copy of our foster contract can be found below. 

Thank you for becoming part of our HAPR team! If you are interested in becoming a foster for an Angel please fill out the foster application.

  • To fill out an application to foster DOGS and PUPPIES, click here.
  • To fill out an application to foster CATS and KITTENS, click here.

While fostering we do ask that you accommodate our adoption events schedule so that your foster Angel has the best opportunity to meet his or her new family.

As part of our commitment to the welfare and safety of our animals, we take our foster and volunteer policies very seriously. When you sign up to foster, there is a contract that, by submitting your form, you expressly enter with the rescue. You can find some of the language in that form here. Please note that we are very appreciative of this generous offering to help our animals, and fosters are not compensated for the hours they volunteer. 

All fosters and volunteers are expected to follow the Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue’s policies and procedures explained below.

Foster parents are responsible for caring for the health, safety, and behavioral wellbeing of their foster pet(s). The other adults in the household (including roommates, spouse, or family) fully consent to the foster parent’s fostering, and any children living or visiting the household, appropriate to their age, have been made aware of the foster animal. If the foster parent is no longer able to care for the foster animal, the foster parent will notify a HAPR staff member immediately and will safely return the animal to HAPR. The foster animal is property of HAPR and the foster parent is responsible for safely transporting the animal to and from events, meet and greets, and for medical appointments. All medical care outside of the rescue must be approved by our shelter veterinarian; any expenses occurred without explicit pre-approval will not be reimbursed. Our shelter veterinarian is here to help our animals — we welcome questions and can make an appointment with our veterinarian via email or message to the foster line. Fosters are expected to actively communicate with rescue staff. The foster must abide by all medical and behavioral treatments, as well as exercise restrictions, prescribed by the medical staff at HAPR. Fosters are expected to respond to all communications from HAPR regarding my foster pet. If I have any medical or behavioral concerns about my foster pet, I will notify rescue staff immediately. Note that all medical decisions are at the sole discretion of the Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue medical staff. Foster animals should be given the food provided by the rescue (Purina Veterinary Diets) and should receive only the medications prescribed or approved by the medical staff at HAPR. Fosters may not adopt out the animal on my own; any interested adopters, including friends or family, must fill out their own adoption application to be approved by the rescue. Fosters may not transfer care of the foster animal to any other person without the permission of staff at Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue. Fosters are forbidden from giving away or selling their foster animal. Any foster animal’s primary living quarters must be indoors. We strictly prohibit the use of tethering devices, including cables and chains, for both our foster animals and for our adopted animals. The rescue is strongly opposed to the practice of tethering. Foster animals must be supervised at all times when outside. Foster animals must not be outdoors without a secure leash; if a foster animal is lost, the rescue staff should be notified immediately. Further, fosters are strictly forbidden from the use of any punishment or aversive “training” methods on foster animals. HAPR subscribes to the use of positive reinforcement only and this is expected of our volunteers, staff, fosters, and adopters. Foster animals may have issues or quirks that require patience and appropriate behavioral modification — this requires patience and compassion.

Additional training and education are provided at the time of foster pick up. We look forward to working with you!