Kibble Cart

“There are few things are more precious to a person who can’t leave their home than their loyal and trusted pet. The recipients of the Meals On Wheels Program can find it especially difficult to feed and care for their pets. Some even share their meals with their pets; their family! It is our job as a community to help lighten that burden.”

Since learning about this food dilemma facing our community’s elderly, Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue has partnered with Meals on Wheels in Alachua County to create “The Kibble Cart.” During Meals on Wheels meal drop offs we also drop off food for the Meals on Wheels recipients pets. We provide food for these pets to make sure every pet is fed and that every recipient is able to receive the full nourishment of their meal without worry that their pet will go hungry.

By providing dog/cat food to the Meals on Wheels recipients, we are increasing the odds of keeping these pets in the homes where they belong.  We do this by ensuring that every pet is getting the nutrition it requires so these pet owners aren’t forced to surrender their animal because of an inability to feed it. Pets are much needed companionship for people who are living alone.

Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue has commited to make sure every pet on the Meals on Wheels route receives the food they need. Our plan is to provide food on a weekly basis for dogs and on a monthly basis for cats. In addition to a constant supply of donated food, we will also need food containers, bowls, measuring cups, and transportation costs. We will supply feeding recommendations as well so that the pets are not over or under fed.

To begin, a questionnaire went out to every Meals on Wheels recipient.  It was originally estimated that there would be 20-30 dogs and some cats. There are currently 66 dogs and 41 cats living with Meals on Wheels recipients in the Gainesville area!  These people desperately love their pets and want to give them the food and care that they need. That’s 107 pets that we can keep out of the shelters and off the streets.

As we build this partnership with the Meals on Wheels recipients we are getting updates on the progress of the program through the volunteers and staff at Meals On Wheels. Our mission is to keep the pets in their homes, to have a happy senior community that doesn’t have to worry about where they will get the funds for the pet’s next meal, to keep the animals properly fed and everyone feeling the love!